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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is related to the Solar Light game which will be called application from now on in the following statement.


The owner of this application is Patrick-Christopher Mattulat - owner of Lynar Studios.

Data Collection

Application: The application itself is not collecting any user related data in any form.

Google Play: When using Android devices - especially Google Play - Google might collect user related data while processing the download / installment procedure. Google might also collect user related data while running the application. You can find these terms of service on this site: Google Play Terms Of Service

Third parties

Application: The application does not collect any user related data. No third parties are involved.

Google Play: Google might send information to third parties. You can check these conditions on this site: Google Play Terms Of Service

User rights

Application: You as a user have the right to request information about any of your user related data, which has been collected by this application. You also have the right of correction, transferring and deletion of this data. To send a request just send an e-mail to this address:

Google Play: Google does provide possibilities to mange your user related data collected by Google itself. You can check these conditions on this site: Google Play Terms Of Service

Privacy Change

This privacy policy might change in future versions of this application. Please stick to this site frequently to view the most recent privacy policy. A new version of this privacy policy will be announced on the application landing pages on this website or Google Play.